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Bet & Malfie

Bet and Malfie, as in Beethoven and Malfatti.

When a man falls in love, like Beethoven with countess Malfatti, he finds different ways to express his love. In order to impress her, except the "Fur Elise" piano sonata Beethoven composed, he also adopted a new personal style, which included the incorporation of silk scarves to match his suits. For us, this love story is the main source of inspiration.

What kind of importance and effect do accessories have in our lives, and how can we express through them? Given the fact that accessories levitate and diverse our personal style, they can also provide endless possibilities of style combinations. They are the basic details to complete every outfit and to create a steady, impeccable appearance from head to toe.

Bet and Malfie focuses on flawless, high quality, unique and stylish scarves for each woman. Our creativity is guided by harmony, elegance and functionality, while our business model will be based on morals, punctuality, quality, respect and attention to detail.

The most important features of our accessories are that all products are made of 100% silk, digitally printed, made by high quality materials and uniquely designed.

Bet and Malfie is frankly yours…

New collection will soon land for you ❤️

Eva Silk ScarfEva Silk Scarf
Bet & Malfie
Eva Silk Scarf Sale price749 SEK
Vanessa Silk ScarfVanessa Silk Scarf